With the Outdoor Series, you will be able to control your own temperature anytime, anywhere with our three-level setting micro controller. Perfect for outdoor workers & all kinds of winter activities like hiking, camping, skiing, fishing, riding etc.

Warning! Using Outdoor Power Heated Vest Under Drysuit is Prohibited.
Petatech International Co., Ltd is hereby to raise the awareness of all Thermalution users and to announce that using Outdoor Power Heated Vest for diving is prohibited. The product "Outdoor Power Heated Vest" (in some country it is referred to as "bodywarmer") is designed for outdoor sports on land only. The entire product, including controller and battery are not waterproof and cannot resist water pressure. Please do NOT use it for any water or underwater sports. There is a serious hazard of having diving accident such as fire of electrocution and battery explosion. Petatech International Co., Ltd will not take any responsibility or what so ever if you misuse this product. Please read the enclosed manual carefully before you use any of the Thermalution products.